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Below are examples of excellent work from students in my previous GIS classes.

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Dungeness crab production: An ecosystem service provided by the oysters Ostrea lurida and Crassostrea gigas
By Jessica Ramsay and Brett Dumbauld
Short-tailed Albatross Distribution in the Bering Sea
By Amelia O’Connor and Seth Wiggins
Evaluating the Effect of Snow pack on Post-fire Vegetation:
A Case Study of the 2002 Biscuit Fire

By Katie Blauvelt
A Canopy Adjustment for Fractional Snow-Covered Area
By Lexi Coons and Anne Nolin
A Climbers Map to Kilimanjaro
By David Cade
Developing an infrastructure for real time predictions of personal and population based particulate matter exposure
By Larkin, A., Siddens, L.K., Krueger, S.K., Baird, W.M., and Williams, D.E.

A Map of Corvallis Oregon
By Jane Darbyshire

This map shows how label placement can be improved by individually positioning labels in software like PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator rather than using automatically placed labels.

How does social vulnerability to climate change spatially correspond to land cover in Ghana, West Africa?
By Sophia Polasky Lauer
Estimating rental housing prices using Kriging interpolation
By Kelly Foley, James Graham, Mark Edwards, Jarrod Olson, Maria Lewis, Lauren Dennis

The Gulf of Mexico: Oil Emphasis
By Jake Nelson
Impaired Streams in the Klamath River Basin
By Jessica Picucci