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Publications and Presentations

Peer-reviewed publications:

Montero, J., Chesney, T., Bauer, J., Froeschke, J., Graham, J. 2016. Brown shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus) density distribution in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: an approach using Boosted Regression Trees, Fisheries Oceanography, (In Press).

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Recent Scientific Presentations

Cooper, E., A. O’Dowd, J. Graham, D. Ward, D. Mierau, R. Taylor. 2017. An Estimation of Salmonid Habitat Capacity in the Upper Mainstem Eel River.    Thesis Defense.

Cooper, E., A. O’Dowd, J. Graham, D. Ward, D. Mierau, R. Taylor. 2017. An Estimation of Salmonid Habitat Capacity in the Upper Mainstem Eel River.  March for Science. Poster.

Kenas, E., A. O’Dowd, J. Graham, D. Mierau, D. Ryan. 2017. Identifying Salmonid Habitat Units Using High Resolution Imagery Acquired with a UAS in the Upper Eel River Watershed, California, USA.  Salmon Restoration Conference.

Graham, J. 2016. Habitat Suitability Modeling with HEMI 2. Society for Conservation GIS Conference.

Graham, J. 2016. Research with UASs in the Eel River Watershed. Eel River Forum.

Graham, J. 2015. What we could be doing with UAVs. CalGIS (lightning talk).  CalGIS Conference.

Degenstein, E., J. Graham, A. O’Dowd. 2015. Modeling Velvetgrass (Holcus lanatus) Habitat Suitability in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks

Sim, L., Rose, K., Graham J., Duran, R., Nelson, J., Umhoefer, J., and Vielma, J. Potential subsurface plume formation and fate in ultra-deepwater blowout simulations using BLOSOM (Blowout and Spill Occurrence Model). 2015 Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference, Houston, TX.

Graham, J., C. Muhl, 2014. Visualizations of Uncertainty in Projections. CalGIS Conference.

Muhl C., J. Graham, 2014. Visualizations of Uncertainty in Projections. CalGIS Conference (Poster).

Graham, J. 2014. Mapping Uncertainty from Habitat Suitability Models. Society for Conservation GIS Conference.

Kumar, S., Evangelista, P.H., Brown, C.S., Moore, J.C., Stohlgren, T.J., Graham, J.J., and Hanzlik, J.R. 2014. Recruiting and Retaining National Needs Fellows in the Area of Sciences for Agricultural Biosecurity. North American College Teacher Association (NACTA) Journal 58:66 (Peer-reviewed Abstract). (Poster)

Graham, J., J. Nelson. 2013. Managing uncertainty in Habitat Suitability Models.  Seminar at Humboldt State University.