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The Global Barn Swallow Migration

The Barn Swallow (scientific name Hirundo rustica) is one of the most wide spread birds and migrates from summer breeding grounds in the northern hemisphere to winter in more southerly regions. The animation above shows the locations for barn swallows taken from the Global Biodiversity Information System ( Data that passed a quality check was then added to the animation based on the month it was recorded. This animation does not present all the locations where barn swallows live, just those locations where individuals have spotted them and then entered them into a database at a museum or herbarium. Scroll down to see an animation of the global predicted habitat for barn swallows.

The animation below shows the potential distribution of Barn Swallows for each month of the year.

Links to detailed Maxent Results:

Detailed Results
January (0)
February (1)
March (2)
April (3)
May (4)
June (5)
July (6)
August (7)
September (8)
October (9)
November (10)
December (11)