Applied Student learning

ISAMM is committed to increasing opportunities for students to participate in solving meaningful, real-world problems. UAS provide an important platform for students to gain experience in a growing field at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and the natural sciences. Students and faculty will be able to create high-quality datasets, learn the use of cutting-edge UAS technology, and work within a research environment. ISAMM’s mission to create an environment of freely exchanged high-resolution data will put high-resolution, student-produced datasets in the hands of researchers and professionals from many fields.

Group Projects with Real-World Impacts

ISAMM wishes to enable student engagement in projects and research with real-world impacts. This will synergize with HSU’s lauded strength in applied science, giving students a chance to grow their skill-sets and gain a foothold in an emerging field. Furthermore, student projects utilizing UAS will benefit the Humboldt Bay Area and beyond with high quality data empowering better research and decision making.

Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning is fundamental to ISAMM's approach to enhancing student learning. Introducing students to cutting-edge technology and teaching them the skills to take equipment into the field and gather data is critical to preparing them for the working world. While the College of Natural Resources maintains an inventory of high-end research equipment, ISAMM aims to add new technologies that can improve data acquisition processes. The Institutes's goal is to enable the collection of remotely sensed data that can be used for graduate and faculty research, undergraduate projects, and as content for instruction in the classroom.