ISAMM promotes the development and integration of new technologies and solutions in the area of geospatial science. The Institute is committed to providing premier geospatial services to HSU faculty and students, the local community, and the region's land holders and management organizations. It is our mission to contribute to the growing body of geospatial knowledge and the enhance techniques required to provide high-quality and effective data analyses. Additionally, ISAMM promotes the safe and effective of use of new technologies.


Collaboration among departments at Humboldt State University and local communities and organizations is of key importance to the Institute. By working together, researchers are able to tap into a broader knowledge base. This can greatly enhance the quality of research and the efficiency at which projects are completed, while fostering partnerships and collaborative networks for future endeavors.



ISAMM is committed to the development of young leaders. The Institute aims to introduce students to real-world projects that foster the development of leadership qualities, teamwork and communication skills, and problem solving capacities.