The Vision for Tomorrow

"Capturing today to enhance tomorrow"

The vision of ISAMM incorporates the broad scale collection and application of high-resolution geospatial data to enhance natural resources and public health and safety by increasing the availability, access, and our understanding of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technologies. ISAMM is dedicated to advancing the use, application, and access to UAS technologies and related datasets. ISAMM's mission will create an environment of freely exchanged high-resolution data for a myriad of academic, municipal, and public uses. ISAMM seeks to advocate and integrate the application of UAS technologies within research environments to improve the management of water resources, disaster relief, and natural resources.

Additionally, ISAMM will educate the researchers of tomorrow through its involvement with students and faculty of Humboldt State University (HSU). ISAMM provides research and work experience opportunities for students and fosters student-teacher interactions through its integration with the HSU curriculum.

Advancing Science

ISAMM is a pioneer in the advancement of new data analysis and collection techniques for UAS sciences. Our student and faculty members are committed to the exploration of new horizons and opportunities for the application of UAS technologies. The field is advancing very rapidly and we are on the forefront of developing new utilities across a diverse set of interdisciplinary research.

Promoting Interdisciplinary Collaboration

When integrated with GIS, remote sensing, mobile mapping, cartography, and geospatial programming, UAS reach the peak of their utility. The Institute for Spatial Analysis, Mapping, and Modeling will provide HSU with data acquisition and spatial analysis services. Given the interdisciplinary nature of geospatial science, ISAMM will create opportunities for departments to come together and share their knowledge on real-world projects, resulting in more effective and impactful research outcomes.

Community Collaboration and Outreach

ISAMM's vision incorporates a solid commitment to the local community in order to enhance the protection and preservation of local resources to ensure a sustainable future. ISAMM members work closely with community officials and municipal leaders to encourage the free exchange of data and information. Additionally, ISAMM will provide technical support and affordable high-resolution datasets for local research, restoration, and community-based projects.