Humboldt State University Marine Mammal Stranding Program

A Member of the NOAA Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program

The Field of Marine Mammology

Society for Marine Mammology

The Soceity for Marine Mammalogy is an international organization dedicated to the research, education, conservation, and management of marine mammals. The foundation of 2000+ members across 25 countries was founded 1981 and has helped connect researchers around the world and supports students and professionals with various scholarship and grant opportunities. Click on the logo to learn more!

Becoming a Marine Mammal Scientist

While the field of marine mammology is growing, there is still a lot about marine mammals and factors that affect marine mammals that we do not know. Becoming a marine mammal scientist is a rewarding experience and helps preserve the delicate ecosystems that these animals live in. For more about pursuing a career in this field, follow this link!

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