Humboldt State University Marine Mammal Stranding Program

A Member of the NOAA Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program

Report a Stranded Marine Mammal to the HSU MMSP!

Steps to Report a Stranded Marine Mammal:

If you come upon a stranded marine mammal on the beach, please follow these guidelines for your personal safety and the safety of the animals.

• Do not touch the animal and observe from at least 100 feet away. Keep dogs away
• Describe details about appearance that will help responders plan effective response
        e.g. - size, color, shape (does it have flippers? Ear flaps? Dorsal fin?)
• Describe markings, tags or entanglements (please do not attempt to remove)
• Describe the exact location on the beach and directions for the responders to the location
• Take a photo of the total carcass and of the head to share with HSU MMSP if possible!

Report a Dead Marine Mammal:

If you have found a dead marine mammal, follow the guidelines about and submit a stranding report by clicking the button below or by calling the HSU Marine Mammal Stranding Hotline at 707-826-3650.

Report a stranding

Report a Sick or Injured Marine Mammal:

For sick or injured marine mammals, please contact the North Coast Marine Mammal Center Stranding Hotline 707-951-4722.

Report an Entangled Whale at Sea:

If you come upon an entangled whale at sea, please follow these guidelines for your personal safety and the safety of the animal.

• Stay at least 100 yards away from the whale as they may act unpredictably
• DO NOT attempt to disentangle whale
• Take photos/videos of whale and call responders immediately!
• Be able to describe the exact location of the entangled whale

Contact the NOAA Fisheries Entanglement Rescue Hotline 1-877-767-9425 or hail the US Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16.

Please remember:

It is illegal to approach or handle a sick or injured marine mammal and it is illegal to collect any parts of dead marine mammals without a special permit from NOAA.

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