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Below are some sample web sites my groups have created.

Click on the thumbnail or the title to open the web site.

Spatial Environmental Energy Research Lab (SEER)

Showcases our research into modeling the potential risks and impacts of oil spills on the economy and environment.

International Biological Information System

This is the framework and team behind the web sites created at Colorado State University. IBIS includes advanced spatial data management, mapping, and modeling.


Our web site for citizen scientists to contribute, manage, map, and download integrated data on the locations of invasive species and other organisms.

Tamarisk Map

The largest collection of occurrence data on the invasive species Tamarisk (Tamarix spp.) created for the US Geological Survey.

National Institute of Invasive Species Science

Our web site for researchers to map and model invasive species occurrences and potential habitats.

Global Invasive Species Information Network (GISIN)

GISIN is an international effort to provide exchange of data on the location, status, and life history information on invasive species.


An online index of web sites for identifying agricultural pests built for the US Department of Agriculture

And here are some other web sites with cool spatial visualizations


NASA Perpetual Ocean