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Below are some recent examples of presentations, posters, and some other interesting bits. Please see my CV for a more detailed list.

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Visualizations of Uncertainty in Projections
CalGIS, 2014
Learning From Deep Horizon: Connecting The Public, Researchers, And Decision Makers In Risk Assessment And Response To Oil Spills
Society for Conservation Biology North American Congress, 2012
The Hyper-Envelope Modeling Interface (HEMI): A novel approach to habitat suitability modeling
Ecological Society of America, 2012

Modeling Potential Distributions of Species at Large Spatial Extents

Oregon State University, October, 2011

Potential Habitat Modeling for Gray Whales in the Northern Hemisphere

Marine Science Symposium, January 2011

Online animation and detailed results

The Global Barn Swallow Migration

Modeling Oil Spills


Humboldt State Univesrity, February 2013

Managing Uncertianty in Habitat Suitability Models

Oregon Coast GIS Symposium, 2013

HSU GSP Curriculum

North Coast GIS User Group Meeting, 2015