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Throughout my life I have been amazed at what people have been able to accomplish and often equally stunned at the damage we can do, often to each other. I have always strived to understand how we can come together to achieve great things and how to prevent things from going poorly. This journey has allowed me to successfully complete one project after the other with a very difference groups of individuals and in very different circumstances. Below are some resources and perspectives on this that have been important to me.

Readings - Personal Growth

The following books were important in my growth and in understanding my self - I believe understanding your self must come before understanding others.

Readings - Management and Leadership

Over the years I have been in leadership and management positions from a patrol leader in Boy Scouts to a middle level manager in the corporate world and now running a research team. I have found that being a good manager is really hard. Good managers need to not only run projects (i.e. make schedules, task lists, and reports) but need to motive their teams and help them to work together. This involves a lot of listening, being really open to hearing new ideas and concerns, and not reacting to situations in an emotional way that will pull the project off-track. The last one is the hardest because manage4rs are people too, we get frustrated and tired but we have to constantly monitor our emotions to make sure they don't adversely effect others on the team. Over the years I have learned that it not helps to share many of my emotions (if I'm tired and my team know it, they will kick in and help me out, otherwise they won't) but also that how I share them can make a big difference in how others treat me. The following books have been critical to my becoming a better manager:

I consider the following books to be more advanced management books. Each deals with a point in history where how people were managed made a huge difference in the outcome of the situation.