Below is the schedule for GSP 470/570. We'll also be using content from the R For Spatial Stats web site.

Data sets:

New resources:

1. Introduction to Geospatial Modeling

2. Synthetic Data

3. Nature of Spatial Data

4. Generalized Linear Methods

5. Generalized Additive Methods

6. Regression Trees

7. Estimating Uncertainty

8. Habitat Suitability Modeling

9. Habitat Suitability Modeling With MaxEnt

10. Agent-Based Spatially Explicit Models

11. Mixed Models

12. Bayesian

13. Other Topics

14. Going Global

Additional Resources

Converting Data Types

Applied Spatial Statistics In R

R Labs for Vegetation Ecologists from MSU

Regression Modeling Steps (incomplete)

RStoolbox: Tools for Remote Sensing Data Analysis

Additional Potential Topics

Old Learning Module: Obtaining and Managing Data

Reading: Graduate Student’s Guide to Necessary Skills for Nonacademic Conservation Careers

Old Lab: Synthetic Data and Polynomial Trend Surfaces with Excel and ArcMap

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