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The geospatial faculty at Humboldt State University is committed to improving ease-of-access to online learning materials. Students will find an increasing number of available resources to improve their learning experience. The learning modules accessible from this page provide students with step-by-step instructions for performing GIS analysis in several GIS applications including, ArcGIS, BlueSpray, and QGIS.

The purpose of this web site is now just to provide access to materials for inviduals that are not currently taking a class at HSU. For those taking classes please see:

Lessons and Activities

HSU Geospatial Online contains many of the lessons and activities offered through the University's geospatial curriculum. These resources provide students and other interested users with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of geospatial science.

Lessons and activities are organized by class, and in this way, can be followed in a linear progression, easing the process of learning the material. However, users are free to approach the lessons and activities in whatever order desired.

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The material contained herein come from a large number of individuals that have influenced me and contributed ideas to its creation. They include:

  • Marlyn Montgomery
  • Nick Malloy
  • Chris Muhl
  • Erin Degenstein
  • Melissa Kimble
  • Dr. Denis Dean
  • Dr. Dawn Wright
  • Jennifer Bauer
  • Doug Wood
  • Peggy Lee
  • Abby Flory
  • Greg Newman
  • Alex Daniels
  • Tom Stohlgren
  • Ben White
  • Laura Weisel
  • And others...

Colorado State University, Oregon State University, and Humboldt State University have provided resources for the development of these materials. There are also too many students to list who have patiently given feedback on the creation of the materials.

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