HTML - CSS - JS: The Client-Side Of The Web

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1. Introductions and Creating Web Sites
2. HTML, CSS and Managing Geospatial Projects

3. Introduction to JavaScript

4. Dynamic Web Maps and the DOM


5. Web Map Applications
6. Tackling Web Mapping Issues

7. Creating Fully Customized Web Maps

8. Charting with Maps


9. 3D Map Basics (The scene, lights, items, etc.)


10. Canceled because of power outage

11. Projected 3D Maps

12. Discussion on 3d Mapping

  • Lab: GIS Day

13. Spherical 3D Maps

14. Fall Break
  • Lab: Work on projects
15. Designing GIS Systems
16. Where to Go From Here
  • Lab:
    • Status updates and work on projects

17. Finals Week

  • Project Presentations: See Canvas

The last date to turn in anything for the class is by 5:00 on Friday.

Old Labs and resources:
X. Enterprise Level, Open-Source GIS
PostgreSQL Logo
X. An Introduction to Relational Databases
PostgreSQL Logo
X.An Introduction to Spatial SQL With QGIS and PostgreSQL


X. FIA and Relational Databases

X. Web-Based GIS II (Leaflet and GeoServer)

Cool web site: Interactive JavaScript Diagrams

Experiment with VMs: X. Enterprise Level, Open-Source GIS

Cool new web sites

Supplemental Learning Modules

Potential Reading Topics

Reports for the Humboldt area:

Potential Additional Topics/Labs

Satellites orbiting the earth

Data Management

OLD Material

Spatial Reference Systems


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