Managing a Web Site with Reclaim Hosting


Reclaim Hosting is a company that provides a wide range of web development tools and options for schools. This page will walk you through setting up a Reclaim account and accessing the tools in Reclaim that HSU is providing training for.

Learning Outcomes

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to in a browser
  2. Click on "Client Area Login" in the upper left
  3. Enter the email you provided to your teacher and the password they provided you with (need to finish this)
  4. This should take your to the "Client Area". Reclaim works by providing us with a virtual web server (a type of virtual computer) that allows us to publish content on the Web. The Client Area is like the home page for our server.
  5. Click on "cPanel"
  6. If you end up at a login page, just click back in the browser and click on "cPanel" again.
  7. Click on "File Manager". This opens a file manager for the server. Here you should see the folders that are on our server including one called "public_html".
  8. Double-click on the icon next to the folder "public_html". You should see a directory that includes a folder for your web site (need to finish this).
  9. Double-click on the icon next to your folder. You should see an empy folder.
  10. Click on "+File".
  11. Enter "index.html" for the file name. This will be the default web page for this folder.
  12. Right click on the index.html file and select "HTML Edit".
  13. In the dialog that appears, click "Edit". You are now in a HTML edtirothat is quite powerful and easy to use.
  14. Type in a heading, select it, and then select "Heading 1" from the popup menu labeled "Format". This popup changes the type of format that is applied to the selected text.
  15. Start a new paragraph and type some more text.
  16. The icons in the editor provide access to the most common HTML features. Spend some time trying them out.
  17. Open a new browser window and enter: "<Your Folder> and press "Enter". You should see the HTML content you entered appear in the browser.


To link to another HTML page in the same folder, use “../..” and then the path to the file.

Using WordPress to Create a Web Site

  1. From cPanel, click on "WordPress"
  2. Click on "My Applications"
  3. Scroll down until you see the version of WordPress that has been assigned to you.
  4. Click on the link that ends in "wp-admin". This should take you to the WordPress Dashboard for your website.
  5. From here, you have a full version of WordPress that you can manage. For more information on using WordPress, see the videos created by Nick Malloy.


- Customize refers to changing the style of the web site which includes, fonts, widgets, the menu, etc.

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