About Us

The Humboldt State University Data Hub (HDH) is a system for managing spatial data of interest to HSU faculty, students, and sponsors.

The HDH is a collaborative project with the Humboldt State University (HSU) library and is maintained by the Deparment of Envrionmental Science and Management at HSU. The HDH was created based on the Internatinoal Biological Information System (IBIS) developed by the Natural Resource and Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University. Additional development was done at the Spatial Environmental Energy Research (SEER) Laboratory at Oregon State Unviersity.

HDH would not have been possible without the help and support of; Dr. Greg Newman, Dr. Catherine Jarnevich, Dr. Thomas Stohlgren, and Cyril Oberlander.

HDH Development Team

The following students, staff, and faculty are currently working on the HDH:

  • Dr. James Graham
  • Carly Marino
  • Chrisina Perez
  • Seth Ontiveros
  • Dan Snow
  • Brian McCaughey
  • Nathaniel Douglass