Calling ArcGIS Pro From Python 3.x with Wing

Note: The information below has a number of notes that might be helpful as we transition from ArcGIS 10.x with Python 2.7 to ArcGIS Pro with Python 3.x

ArcGIS Pro works with Python 3 and not Python 2.7. This means the days of using Python 2.7 are finally coming to an end! The problem is that there are still issues with libraries, especially on MS-Windows. Below are some steps to getting a Python 3.x installation up and running with other libraries.

Python 3.x

The new Python installers will default to putting Python in your "users" folder if you install it for a single user. If you install it for any user it will install it in C:\Program Files .

Wing IDE

I typically use Python 3.8 but note that ArcGIS Pro uses 3.6. This should not be a major problem but there may be small differences.

Included Libraries

Esri ships a customized version of Python with ArcGIS Pro. It is the only one that can use arcpy and I don't believe you can install other libraries into it. Fortunately, they have increased the number of libraries that they make available with their version of Python. This includes numpy, scipy, ogr, gdal, but not proj.

ArcGIS Pro

Esri is changing the way they are delivering Python in almost every release of ArcGIS Pro and the documentation is largely incorrect. When I installed ArcGIS Pro 1.4, I ended up with two Python installations being downloaded and installed with ArcGIS Pro. Only one of them has arcpy in it and you need to use that one to call ArcGIS Pro from Python. The one I used is below and it worked in the Wing IDE version 6.0.


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