Statistics Packages

There are a large number of packages to help with statistics. Two of the most commonly used are NumPy and MatPlotLib.

NumPy and SciPy

NumPy is a vector (array) and matrix based analytical package for Python and is widely used for analysis. NumPy is closely associated, and delivered with, SciPy.

Note: There were some issues installing NumPy and SciPy with Pyton 2.7 but these seem to have been resolved for Python 3.x

You can download NumPy from SciPy relies on NumPy so you will want to install it first and then install SciPy if needed.

Fortunately, there are excellent tutorials and extensive examples for NumPy so I will just reference two here:


MatplotLib is a library for science-based charting and can be downloaded from

See the examples web page and the tutorials web page for more information..

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