In Lab Turn-In (GSP 270 face-to-face classes only)

A Microsoft Word document containing your Workflow Outline along with the names of any of your peers who helped to collaborate on it.

Take Home Turn-In

This lab, more than any previous, should drive home the purpose of writing a lab report. Here the workflow and methods for this project has been largely developed by you and your peers. The lab report will allow you to show your work, demonstrate your understanding of the analysis, as well as to communicate to your instructors how you went about solving the problem. In a professional setting, this might be exactly how you would communicate your findings to your colleagues.

Your lab report must include the following sections:


We are expecting the reports to be professional. Points will be deducted exponentially for any chronic issues and persistent mistakes. Incomplete lab assignments will receive a grade of 0.
".pages" file format will not be accepted for credit.

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