Leading and Managing Organizations

It is leadership and management that makes the difference in wether organizations succeed and fail.  Throughout history, we see small groups of highly motivated and well led individuals achieve great things while huge organizations fail.  The difference has allways been how they were lead and managed.  I have see the same repeated over and over again in my lifetime and found myself sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing as a leader and manager.  Each time I leadered more about what worked and I have put together the best information I have found here in this web site.

First the basics:

Leadership is about moving a team toward a goal.   This includes defining the goal with your team to get buy-in, making sure the vision is shared, and quickly resolving any issues that arrise so that everyone moves toward the goal together. The team could be a sports team or a huge organization.  Leadership is also about doing whatever is needed to make sure the goal is met.  

Management is about providing the resources so that a team can achieve a goal.  Those resources typically include money, people, space, and equipment.  

Success is acheved in organizations by managers leading and managing their organization.  

Most organiaztions are hierarhical with high-level managers (e.g. presidents and CEOs) at the top and individual contributors at the bottom. We typically look to our high-level managers to lead and manage the organization but organizations are far more effective and efficient if we all take on the role of leading and managing our own portion of the organization.