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Getting Started

Release Notes

BlueSpray is currently in an "early beta" period where we are releasing it to a small number of users to obtain feedback on what they like about BlueSpray and what they would change.

The following issues need to be addressed before we can move forward with completing BlueSpray. Thus, I am very interested in your feedback on:

  • The overall user interface
  • The design for extending BlueSpray
  • The list of file handlers and transforms that are available
  • Which features should be completed first

The following features are planned for but are not yet implemented:

  • Memory caching to allow working on very large data sets (even on relatively small amounts of RAM).
  • Metadata editor
  • Arbitration of label placement between layers

The following features are not yet completed:

  • Projection with clipping based on uncertainty
  • Undo
  • Clipboard (copy and paste)
  • Conversion from non-topological data to topological
  • The operations in the "Development" menu and those marked with "Dev"
  • Labels for polygons
  • Pyramids within point and vector layers
  • Labels for networks

Also, the following features are very new and have not had a lot of testing:

  • Special painters
  • The water transform (finds stream networks and watersheds)

The following are features that you'll want to be careful with save extra copies of files until they have had further testing.

  • Saving an loading of projects

Version Changes

Below are notes on changes in each release of BlueSpray:


  • Added "Maxent Lambdas Info" transform to count parameters in Maxent Lambdas files
  • Made improvements to HEMI with new dialog architecture (should be done by next week)


  • Improvements to drag and drop in the project tree
  • Fixed the alignment between data values and the y-axis in the chart
  • Improvements to the file browsing throughout BlueSpray (browse for folders, etc.)

Please contact if you find defects or if you have any suggestions on changes and new features.