R for Spatial Statistics


R Spatial Statistics


There are packages specifically for spatial operations and spatial statistics in R. As you've seen, we don't really need to use these in R to do spatial statistics but sometimes they can really help.

Note: There are packages that will create "maps" in R. I don't really recommend this as there are GIS packages out there (ArcGIS, QGIS, BlueSpray, and others) that will do a much better job at creating maps (i.e. use a hammer to drive a nail).

Spatial Stats Packages

gstat - kriging, variograms

ads - Spatial point patterns analysis

ecespa - Functions for spatial point pattern analysis

geoRglm - a package for generalized linear spatial models

Spatial geostatistics; some geo statistical and radial basis functions, prediction and cross validation; design of optimal spatial sampling networks based on geo-statistical modelling

maptools - Tools for reading and handling spatial objects

ncf - spatial nonparametric covariance functions

glmmBUGS - Generalized Linear Mixed Models and Spatial Models with WinBUGS, BRugs, or OpenBUGS

- map
- shapefile
- Reads and writes shapefiles

Other Resources

R gstat Package