Student Projects

Real-World Experience

The Department of Environmental Science and Management and the Center for Service Learning and Academic Internships (CSLAI) provide undergraduate and graduate students with a wide-range of geospatial projects. The CSLAI is the hub of support for Service Learning and Academic Internship experiences at Humboldt State University, providing resources and support to faculty, community partners and students engaging in purposeful, credit-bearing educational opportunities that serve the community. To learn more, please contact one of the GSP faculty.

Interactive Map of California Counties

This interactive map was designed to easily and intuitively visualize a range of data pertaining to the state of California. Created using Leafletâ„¢s JavaScript library, the map displays economic, demographic and land cover data for each county. Click on the 'Data Sources' tab to view the data being displayed, or click on the 'Contact' tab to contact us with any questions, suggestions or further inquiries.

Eel River

This website was created by Samantha Ureel and Whitney Newcomb for an advanced GIS course at Humboldt State University in the fall semester of 2016. After managing large datasets regarding the Eel River for professor James Graham and graduate student Emily Cooper over the previous summer, Samantha and Whitney went on to create this informational website.

HSU Web Map

This version of the campus map was updated and completed by Jordan Adnir, Colby Peffer, and Joshua Rodriguez in Fall 2016 under the guidance and direction of Professor James Graham. Original design and development was by Jordan Adair, Dylan Hills, Monique Gil, and Aaron Taveras in Fall 2015. Please note that the map undergoes periodic updates as buildings and spaces on campus change.

Geospatial Utilities

Henry Whipps created this utilities web page as an assignment for GSP 470. It is a great example of a single-page utility web site and is very handy to have around.

Shuster Photos

Map of the Shuster photos from 1940s and 50s by Brian McCaughey.